Saturday, January 5, 2008

New Show Preview: Miss America Reality Check

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Just how real are the contestants of the Miss America pageant? Are most of them sugar and spice and everything nice? Are they really as bubbly as they make themselves out to be? Hopefully we'll find out in a new show that's debuting on TLC this Friday, January 4 at 10:00 PM (ET/PT) called Miss America Reality Check.

For some reason, I'm beyond freakishly excited about this show. Would it be because the show is only four episodes long? Would it be because the host of the show is none other than Michael Urie (who plays Marc on Ugly Betty)? Would it be because we'll get to watch all 52 contestants live under one roof together and "participate in an intense set of events and challenges" in preparation for the Miss America pageant itself on January 26? Would it be because I'm hoping for some pageant drama? Seriously, it's a combination of all four!

And guess what? We, the viewing audience, will be able to begin voting after the show airs on January 4 for a surprise 16th finalist in the pageant itself! How's that for audience participation? Also, the show was shot in HD. So if you're an HD adopter and receive the TLC HD channel from your cable company, you can really check the ladies out. You might even see a pimple or two!

Don't worry if you miss one of the shows. TLC re-airs the episodes throughout the week to guarantee you won't have the chance to miss a thing.

Be sure to go to the show's official site and check out all of the videos. Besides the sneak peek video (which is hilarious!), you can also get to know all 52 of the girls a little better. If you don't watch them all, at least check out your state's contestant. BTW, I apologize to those of you in Oklahoma. I kid, I kid.

So don't forget to watch! I'll be recapping the episodes so be sure to join me back here where we can have some snarky fun together. In the meantime, make quick use of your mouse and click the links I've given you here so you'll be ready to go on Friday.

Oooh, I wonder if we'll see them without makeup and hair products? *evil laugh*

By HamsterDame

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