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Forex News: Dollar Goes Down on Credit Market Losses

Dollar Goes Down on Credit Market Losses

U.S. dollarThe U.S. dollar declined at a fastest pace in a month against the Japanese currency today as the credit market losses extended and the Federal Reserve probably won’t be able to raise the rates by the year’s end.

The dollar also fell against the euro and the Great Britain pound today as the previously expected rate difference decline became not so obvious to the Forex traders. Yen’s growth against the dollar was strong because the Japanese currency rose against other major currencies too as the carry trades unwound.

The concerns about the state of U.S. credit market turn investors to risk-aversion, thus stimulating conversion from USD to yen. According to some analysts dollar may drop to 1.5000 against the euro and 107.00 against the yen during the next trading week.

USD/JPY went down from 109.85 to 108.84 as of 7:46 GMT today — the fastest daily drop on this currency pair since July 15. EUR/USD rose from 1.4744 to 1.4796 with a daily high at 1.4833. GBP/USD gained from 1.8610 to 1.8661 with a daily maximum at 1.8702 so far.

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Water Powered Car? Is it Possible?

Water Powered Cars or Hydrogen/Oxygen Powered Cars, using 100% water as fuel is real. By spiltting water by electrolysis and creating hydrogen/oxygen gas, you can replace gasoline. We have been taught this is impossible! Engineers, scientists and professors may in fact tell tell you you're crazy to believe such non sense. They will also set out to prove you wrong. They base their laws of physics form 1825 thinking. Faraday's laws. Did you know that the first ICE engine ran on hydrogen from water? BMW has them! Hyunda will be making them. Japan indorses them. Many patents, inventions have been bought and there project is shelved, yes it is true. Some of the stubborn inventors who don't sell out disappear. Yes that's right. It happens in the US, Aus, NZ, UK and India. We are in a crunch to find alternative fuels. The pressure is on. War for oil is not the way to go. Talking politics about a hydrogen future that never comes, is not going to help either. Arthur C. Clarke explained how there were four stages in the way scientists react to the development of anything of a revolutionary nature.

1) "It's nonsense,"
2) "It is not important,"
3) "I always said it was a good idea," and
4) "I thought of it first."

If all ICE motors (Internal Combustion Engines) were converted to burn hydrogen and oxygen in the water, as fuel to propel our cars, trucks, semi's etc., we would no longer need gas stations, oil tankers, refineries, SMOG and war. The only problem would be that the large Oil Corporations would go under and SMOG would leave the planet for good. The Ozone would get healed and we would survive. God will then once again smile down on the Earth, instead of letting the powers to be, destroy it. If we stopped producing SMOG, the ozone and global warming and greenhouse effects would go away. The present US administration and DOE (US Dept. of Energy) seems to not want this to happen, they make too much money selling you gas and feeding you the media. Only outlaws drive water powered cars, according to our present laws. Why there are not making any SMOG for us to breathe. Fighting for oil under the sand never made any sense to me. They feed us a conspiracy about 19 Arabs with box cutter knives, that took down the Twin Towers, when in fact, C4 explosives , a planned demo. took them down. A bomb went off in the basement, before the first plane struck the North Tower. Please read below.

For all the Red voters who back the War President, let me ask you 2 questions? Who Would Jesus Bomb? Who would Jesus kill? 650,000 Iraqis?, because of one set-up bad evil dictator & and a group of religious militants? Know that no terrorists took down our twin towers, bombs did! Judas Iscariot tried to get Jesus to kill all the Romans, but his plan failed. Under Iraq lies the richest, best untouched oil reserves in the world. Formally the location of the "Garden of Eden", underneath all that sand is the old Tigris / Euphrates River valleys, once lush green vegetation, now rich black oil. Who has WMD's? we do, and we use them! Depleted uranium that comes from blown exhausted charges is WMD. Their next strategic step is to take out Iran, because Iran has all the oil pipelines, that they need to finish the world oil conquest We don't need the stinking damn Oil we need Water as fuel & electric cars! Alternative Joe Cell devices, perpetual generators.

"The automobile has practically reached the limit of its development is suggested by the fact that during the past year no improvements of a radical nature have been introduced."
(Scientific American January 2, 1909).


Another Inconvenient Truth - FREE ENERGY

Beware inventors of Water Cars disappear, get sick or die. Alot of people don't believe this part. Most think your crazy for mentioning it. I'm not trying to scare you, or create fear, just stating fact is all. Go read these stories and you might change your mind. A guy named Bill recently (4/06) made a Joe Cell Replica in his Ford truck, he says ran like a hotrod, but was approached by 2 men who threatened him to stop his "Free Energy" experiments, otherwise lose your Grand children. So poor Bill stopped his progress. READ the LATEST NEWS

God Bless DishNetwork
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Why do you make light heartiness over such a
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Only fools turn to
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Read about the Little
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Ain 't that so special!

After 4 years of research I gathered all the information I could to make these web pages. and I will continue to add more. Why you ask, because water powered cars can and will heal the planet. My intention is to inform everyone of alternative fuel is here, but not being used. Get it in your head you will not have to go to a gasoline station any longer and buy a glass of coke and hotdog while your at the fill up. The DOE and present administration's idea of a Hydrogen Future really stinks. They give 20 billions away into a Hydrogen Research in which only pads their wallets, not ours. Watch this quick video, notice how he laughs and chuckles about this issue. We need him to follow though with his words. Imagine Hydrogen Gas Stations of the future where you drive up to fill your car up with pressurized hydrogen (like LP propane fuel today, but more dangerous tanks) for how much a gallon? $10 a gallon? When you can make your own hydrogen real easy! Water is Free if you have a well, a river a lake on your property. Get into the bottled water business. Once Water takes over. The Oil Empire will shrink, so and that is why they fight so hard to keep us un-informed. But thanks to God and the Internet we can live better! I encourage everyone who reads this to build one yourself. I have not personally built one yet, but I'm presently working on one in my spare time. A lot of interest is sparking up and a wave of truth is coming to us all.

I made this site because the
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BMW's Hydrogen powered Car

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New Zealanders have Water Powered Cars & Motorcycles!
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If Hydrogen Boosters are so great how come you cannot buy one from the Autozone? Good question? The DOE will not let you manufacture make them, they say they need to make them safe and that would take years of research.
You can make one yourself, you can buy a kit. This way the liability is your hands. I believe the DOE does not want technology that will bankrupt the owners ! That is the TRUTH! Amen. China will have Water Powered Cars before we will. Ford needs to make water cars to survive.

* Warning The Surgeon General has found that reading this web site will cause different thinking patterns. You will not forget what you just read. A gluey substance that sticks to the brain. May the simple, confuse the wise. Those who serve Money over Man shall perish. Live simple & remember some guy loves you! Make sure you Get Saved. Repent and follow your heart. His wonderful train is a coming get a ticket while there's still time.

We still have our FREEDOM let's use it! I'm not a terrorist, I'm a nice guy. Please leave me alone. I cause no harm. I want to help clean up our planet. No crime done, but why do I feel like an damn outlaw. I read Water powered Cars are outlawed. I seek the truth, not the chaff in the wind. Jesus is Lord over me and
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The man who holds the Master Key about what really happened
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I'm sorry if I may have offended you, that is not my intention.
If we all sit back and do nothing, the Mark of the Beast will come
all too soon. We must fight for our Freedom. Today a true patriot
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Friday, July 11, 2008

Did you Know about Unlimited Zune Downloads?

There are a lot of download sites on the internet. Some cater to general ipods, others for wii downloads, and others for other game console downloads. However, one that seems to be popping up left and right now are Zune downloads. I got looking into these sites and they really are great for the money, especially when you look at what itunes provides for its apple customers.....basically 99 cents per song, what a rip off!!

Some of the better sites only run at $34-$39 for a one time lifetime access fee and you can download as many songs, movies, games and much more. Talk about getting more than what you paid for. If you want to read an indepth comparison of each of these Zune download sites, you can check out this review site of the best Unlimited Zune Downloads sites at .

There is also a review just on the Unlimited Zune Downloads site over at USFreeAds, which you can view here.

They are definitely worth checking out as you will get more than what you pay for with any of these sites and the customer service is excellent.

Until next time.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

OT: The Last Lecture

By: Ina Steiner
Tue Apr 8 2008 22:32:11

Last fall I read this Wall Street Journal article about Professor Randy Pausch and his last lecture, then watched most of the video. It was really inspirational and showcased the importance of dreams, of living in the moment and putting your family first. I highly recommend watching the video of Pausch's last lecture.

Diane Sawyer interviewed him for Good Morning America last month (I didn't see it) and will run a follow-up interview with him on Wednesday evening: "The Last Lecture: A Love Story For Your Life" (ABC Wednesday April 9, 2008, 10pm/9 CST).


Movie: Amber Hagerman


Alert: The 2006 TV movie "Amber's Story" (9 p.m. Lifetime) tells the story of Amber Hagerman, whose abduction and murder led to the creation of the first Amber Alert system.


Friday, March 28, 2008


Posted: Friday, March 28, 2008 9:27 AM by Domenico Montanaro
Filed Under: 2008, Obama

A big superdelegate get for Obama, Bob Casey Jr., the frosh senator (and one-time RIVAL of Clinton's chief Pa. supporter, Ed Rendell). Casey who hails from the ultimate working class Dem stronghold of Scranton will campaign extensively for Obama during the candidate's bus tour of the state. Interestingly, Obama, while getting the support of Casey, needs to borrow from the Rendell '02 Dem GOV primary playbook, in order to win the primary, a race that Casey lost.

According to the Philly Inq: "The endorsement comes as something of a surprise. Casey, a deliberative and cautious politician, had been adamant about remaining neutral until after the April 22 primary.

“Casey was partially influenced by the enthusiasm of his four daughters for Obama. He is expected to help Obama make inroads with white working-class voters who are supportive on gun rights and abortion like the junior senator.”

By the way, isn't this what Casey's fellow Dem frosh Claire McCaskill said when she endorsed?

The Washington Post takes a closer look at the Obama online fundraising machine. "Obama's unprecedented online fundraising success is often depicted as a spontaneous reaction to a charismatic candidate, particularly by young, Internet-savvy supporters. But it is the result of an elaborate marketing effort that has left Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, his rival for the Democratic nomination, and Sen. John McCain, the presumed Republican nominee, struggling to catch up.
Obama aides say their goal has been to "build an online relationship" with supporters who will not only give money but also knock on doors and help register voters for the candidate. To do so, they have spent heavily on Internet ads -- $2.6 million in February alone, more than 10 times as much as Clinton and more than 20 times as much as McCain."

The NYT covers Obama's econ speech from NYC yesterday and notes, "The speeches of the Democratic candidates for the presidential nomination served as a reminder of the thin wall that separates their policy views. (Mrs. Clinton gave a speech this week in Philadelphia on the housing crisis.) Both candidates have talked about spending billions to help homeowners at risk of foreclosure, and are moving so closely in step that their subordinates have shouted about stolen ideas.

“Both warned of a national credit crisis and advanced proposals to amend bankruptcy laws to aid those facing housing foreclosure. Each endorsed Democratic legislation -- sponsored by Senator Christopher J. Dodd of Connecticut and Representative Barney Frank of Massachusetts -- to create a housing security program in the Federal Housing Administration that would provide incentives to refinance mortgages carrying onerously high interest rates.

“They are very close; they are pointing to very similar proposals,” said John Irons, research and policy director for the Economic Policy Institute, a labor-oriented research center. “There are minor differences, but when you compare their proposals with McCain, that’s night and day. The Democrats are more like noon and 12:30.”

The RNC pounced on the portion of Obama's CNBC interview with Maria Bartiromo where he talked cap gains. "Obama yesterday said he'd raise the capital-gains tax as president -- but softened his estimate on how much it would go up. I haven't given a firm number," Obama told CNBC's Maria Bartiromo, speaking of how much the levy would rise over the current rate of 15 percent. He "guessed" it would be "significantly lower than" the 28 percent it was under President Bill Clinton.

“Last year, when Obama proposed up to $85 billion annually in middle-class tax relief, he suggested paying for it in part by hiking the capital-gains tax to as much as 28 percent. Yesterday, he said, "We can't go back to some of the, you know, confiscatory rates that existed in the past that distorted sound economics.

"I think that we can have a capital-gains rate that is higher than 15 percent," he added, but noted people like investor Warren Buffett have said if the tax is "within that range" of 20 to 25 percent, it won't "distort . . . economic decision making."

L.A. Times coverage of the Obama-CNBC interview also focused on the tax front. "Obama went after the "We're not paying enough taxes to the government" vote today during a television interview in New York.

“First, he said the Bush tax cuts ought to die. He likes that top marginal rate of 39%. Although the non-partisan National Journal recently declared him the most liberal of the 100 senators, Obama denied being a "wild-eyed liberal," which wasn't what the Journal called him, but it sounds good on TV where everything moves by so quickly.

“Maria Bartiromo on CNBC's ‘Closing Bell’ asked, ‘Who should pay more and who should pay less?’ Predictably, the politician chose to talk about who would benefit from his higher tax plan, not who would get socked the hardest. But from his answers it sounds like the ‘wealthy’ in his mind are those making more than $75,000.

"I would not increase taxes for middle class Americans and in fact I want to.... provide a tax cut for people who are making $75,000 a year or less,'' he said. "For those folks, I want an offset on the payroll tax that would be worth as much as $1,000 for a family.

"Senior citizens who are bringing in less than $50,000 a year in income, I don't want them to have to pay income tax on their Social Security. And as part of my overall approach to housing, I actually want to provide an additional 10 percent mortgage deduction, a credit, mortgage interest credit, for those who currently don't itemize."


Thursday, March 27, 2008

FDA looks into Singulair, risks of suicidal thoughts

By Elizabeth Weise, USA TODAY
The Food and Drug Administration is investigating anecdotal reports that people who use Singulair, the popular asthma and allergy drug, are at greater risk for suicidal thoughts and suicide.

Singulair is a pill prescribed to treat asthma and hay fever symptoms such as sneezing and a nose that is stuffy, runny or itchy. It blocks an inflammation pathway in the body that can cause both asthma and allergy symptoms.

BETTER LIFE: More of the latest health news

It was approved for treating asthma in 1998 and to treat seasonal allergy symptoms in 2003.

In the past year, drugmaker Merck (MRK) of Whitehouse Station, N.J., has added tremors, depression, suicidal thinking and behavior, and anxiety to the list of possible adverse side effects it gives doctors about the drug.
FIND MORE STORIES IN: New Jersey | Drug Administration | Food | Merck | Whitehouse Station | Singulair

Singulair had sales of $4.3 billion last year and has been used by "millions," says Merck's George Philip, who directs Singulair product development.

The FDA has asked Merck to look at Singulair study data for more information about reports of behavior and mood changes, suicidal thoughts and suicide in patients who took the drug. Because such reviews are very complex, the FDA says it may take nine months to complete its evaluation.

In the meantime, the agency is asking doctors and health care providers to carefully monitor their patients taking Singulair.

The FDA is not recommending that patients stop taking the drug, suggesting instead that they talk to their doctor if they have concerns.

Reports of possible links to suicidal thoughts have come to Merck "anecdotally from physicians, from patients and from parents or relatives," Philip says. But because the information the company receives can be "quite sketchy," Philip says it's not possible to definitively link the drug and these reported episodes.

The government agrees with that assessment. The FDA went public with its concerns about this drug as part of its ongoing safety reviews. But in a release, the agency said this "does not mean that FDA has concluded there is a causal relationship between the drug product and the emerging safety issue."

The FDA "is considering, but has not reached a conclusion" about whether it needs to further regulate the drug and will update the public as more information becomes available.

Singulair belongs to a class of drugs called leukotriene receptor antagonists. The FDA reports that it will investigate whether similar medications, such as Accolate, Zyflo and Zyflo CR, have negative effects on behavior and mood.


Saturday, January 5, 2008

New Show Preview: Miss America Reality Check

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Just how real are the contestants of the Miss America pageant? Are most of them sugar and spice and everything nice? Are they really as bubbly as they make themselves out to be? Hopefully we'll find out in a new show that's debuting on TLC this Friday, January 4 at 10:00 PM (ET/PT) called Miss America Reality Check.

For some reason, I'm beyond freakishly excited about this show. Would it be because the show is only four episodes long? Would it be because the host of the show is none other than Michael Urie (who plays Marc on Ugly Betty)? Would it be because we'll get to watch all 52 contestants live under one roof together and "participate in an intense set of events and challenges" in preparation for the Miss America pageant itself on January 26? Would it be because I'm hoping for some pageant drama? Seriously, it's a combination of all four!

And guess what? We, the viewing audience, will be able to begin voting after the show airs on January 4 for a surprise 16th finalist in the pageant itself! How's that for audience participation? Also, the show was shot in HD. So if you're an HD adopter and receive the TLC HD channel from your cable company, you can really check the ladies out. You might even see a pimple or two!

Don't worry if you miss one of the shows. TLC re-airs the episodes throughout the week to guarantee you won't have the chance to miss a thing.

Be sure to go to the show's official site and check out all of the videos. Besides the sneak peek video (which is hilarious!), you can also get to know all 52 of the girls a little better. If you don't watch them all, at least check out your state's contestant. BTW, I apologize to those of you in Oklahoma. I kid, I kid.

So don't forget to watch! I'll be recapping the episodes so be sure to join me back here where we can have some snarky fun together. In the meantime, make quick use of your mouse and click the links I've given you here so you'll be ready to go on Friday.

Oooh, I wonder if we'll see them without makeup and hair products? *evil laugh*

By HamsterDame